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The Future of Weddings is Sustainable

Over the years we have become increasingly aware that the romance of the wedding industry can mask its wasteful nature. I combine expert wedding venue business management & consultancy services with a sharp focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly wedding practices, to support wedding venues across Wales to create more sustainable business models and in turn work with their clients to bring their ideas of a socially responsible wedding to life.

Helping Your Wedding Venue Business Navigate Change

In our highly competitive industry, it is important not to get left behind. Sustainable weddings are growing in popularity and venues that have packages geared towards this mind-set are already winning couples’ hearts.

My sustainable weddings consultancy service will take a deep dive into your venue and operational tactics to put you on the road to improvement.

With a wealth of experience in wedding & event catering, I can work with you to better control your supply chain and create environmentally friendly choices, promoting locally sourced and sustainably raised meat, fish and vegetables as well as a wider range of plant-based menu options for your guests.

The Future of Weddings is Sustainable | Susutainble catering & Canapes | Zoe Binning Ltd
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Meet Your Sustainability Consultant

I am personally dedicated to being more sustainable. In 2019, my family and I vowed to dramatically reduce the single use plastic we consume. We are committed to conscious shopping, buying second-hand and eating vegan. With these personal changes, I struggled more and more with the impact weddings were having on our planet and have sought to work with venues and couples to make positive environmental changes.

The Future of weddings is sustainable | Zoe Binning Ltd

I am a wedding business consultant and public speaker with a wealth of knowledge to offer wedding venues across Wales. My other passions centre on inclusive weddings for LGBTQ+ couples and raising the profile of Welsh castle wedding venues.

As part of my personal commitment to the planet, I am very conscious of the environmental impact we all make, whether as individuals or collectively as part of the human race. I work with B1G1 to transform my personal and business successes into real world moments of charitable giving, such as ensuring children have a safe place to sleep, reducing the plastic in our seas & oceans, and supporting wildlife and biodiversity projects.

The future of weddings is sustainable | Sustainable Development Goals | Zoe Binning Ltd

Zoë Binning Ltd is Wales’ most recognised wedding venue business consultant, helping Welsh wedding venues increase conversions, drive profits and secure positive feedback.

Zoë is an advocate for developing sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical wedding practices within the industry and can provide advice and support to help your venue to become more sustainable and eco-friendly in its endeavours.

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