Zoë Binning Ltd. Sustainability & Environmental Policy

Zoë Binning Ltd. recognises our environmental responsibility and is completely committed to working towards a sustainable future and lowering our carbon footprint, endeavouring to become an environmentally friendly business.

“We endeavour to become a recognised leader within the wedding & events industry, to minimise our carbon footprint and to support other businesses in our sector to achieve the same.”

As an individual, a business owner and business consultant, I take my social responsibility very seriously.

I strive continually to improve my own businesses practices and am working every day to minimise my carbon footprint within my business and my family life.

As a business, we subscribe to the Green Growth Pledge and also support ‘Buy 1 Give 1’ which is a process of donating to a range of environmental and social charitable causes, both here and abroad for each and every business transaction that we make.

Green Growth Pledge

The Green Growth Pledge is part of the specialist sustainability support available through Business Wales and is open to all Welsh SMEs regardless of their industry sector. It provides a practical way for businesses to demonstrate their positive impact on the people and places around them and join a growing community of forward-thinking organisations.

By signing up to the pledge, each company is asked to make a commitment to one or more actions to help them reduce impact or ensure sustainable performance.

The 3 areas of our business that we have identified using the Green Growth Pledge, are:

  • Working with responsible suppliers
  • Preventing waste and pollution
  • Well being of staff and your local community

 Actions that we are taking that will lead to sustainability improvements, are:

  • Establishing a written criteria based on environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices to select our suppliers on behalf of our clients.
  • Measuring and setting targets to reduce, reuse and recycle waste that we generate in delivering the service throughout our supply chain.
  • Creating opportunities for local communities through the venues we operate in - by bringing business opportunities for local companies and job opportunities for local people.