Zoë Binning Ltd. Sustainability and Environmental Policy

Zoë Binning Ltd.  is Wales’ foremost wedding venue business management and consultancy  working with clients to create more successful, profitable and environmentally friendly wedding businesses.

As an individual, a business owner and business consultant, I take my social responsibility very seriously. I strive continually to improve my own businesses practices and am working every day to minimise my carbon footprint within my business and my family life.  I endeavour to become a recognised leader within the wedding and events industry, to minimise our carbon footprint and to support other businesses in our sector to achieve the same. 

To facilitate those overarching aims, I have established a formal Environmental Management System (EMS) which meets the requirements of the Seren Environmental Standard at Phase 2 (as described in BS 8555).  A certificate of compliance is available upon request.  The EMS is audited annually to provide all stakeholders that the commitments I make in this publicly available Policy are robustly audited and fulfilled.

As part of my personal commitment to the planet, I am very conscious of the environmental impact we all make, whether as individuals or collectively as part of the human race. I work with B1G1  (which is a process of donating to a range of environmental and social charitable causes, both here and abroad for each and every business transaction that I make) to transform my personal and business successes into real world moments of charitable giving, such as ensuring children have a safe place to sleep, reducing the plastic in our seas and oceans, and supporting wildlife and biodiversity projects.

Green Growth Pledge

I also subscribe to the Green Growth Pledge, which is part of the specialist sustainability support available through Business Wales and provides a practical way for businesses to demonstrate their positive impact on the people and places around them and join a growing community of forward-thinking organisations.

By signing up to the pledge, each company is asked to make a commitment to one or more actions to help them reduce impact or ensure sustainable performance.

The three areas of our combined business endeavours, that we have identified using the Green Growth Pledge, are:

  • Working with responsible suppliers
  • Efficient transport
  • Preventing waste and pollution

Actions that we are taking that will lead to sustainability improvements across Zoë Binning Ltd. and Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar, are:

  • Undertaking regular meetings with our suppliers to gauge their impacts and the ways in which we can reduce our collective carbon footprint.
  • Minimising transportation and ensuring we shop as locally as possible, both directly and through our supply chain.
  • Minimising our waste levels through regular review of our product ranges and our packaging.

Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

I also focus on the following Global Sustainable Development Goals through my actions and business decisions:

  • No poverty
  • Zero Hunger
  • Reduced Inequalities
  • Sustainable Cities & Communities
  • Responsible Consumption & Production
  • Life Below Water
  • Peace & Justice and Strong Institutions

he above goals and commitments support our overarching EMS which is to:

  • Prevent pollution
  • Protect the environment
  • Continual improvement of our EMS to enhance our environmental performance
  • Fulfil any compliance obligations whether legal or other voluntary commitments to which we subscribe

This Policy shall be reviewed periodically to ensure we are compliant in fulfilling all commitments. We welcome feedback on this Policy as part of our willingness to co-operate and share best sustainable practices for the greater good of both the local and global community.


Zoë Binning
Director-  Zoë Binning Ltd
version 1
12th June 2023