Racial Inequality in the Wedding Industry

In light of the recent events of racial injustice in the US, I want to express my dismay and share my thoughts on these heartbreaking incidents.

To stand with the Black community and all people of colour, silence is not an option right now. In order to advocate change, I believe we need to start with ourselves, by reflecting on our past actions.  Ask yourself, have you been actively promoting ethnic diversity in both your personal and professional lives? 

Despite my firm belief in racial equality, I have realised that my social media feeds are quite white-oriented. This is wholly unintentional and I have been devastated to realise that I have not been fully inclusive in the images I have used. I promise to continue to work toward encouraging change in the future.

Credit: Lewis Fackrell Photography

This self-reflection has also prompted me to realize how non-inclusive the wedding industry can be. We must address the lack of Black couples being featured in real weddings, both in print and online.  As business owners in the wedding industry, it is our responsibility to be conscious of this lack of representation and to work towards promoting an environment of diversity and equality.  To ensure a long term improvement is made, we need to focus on showcasing beautiful styled shoots and weddings with couples of different skin tones and cultural backgrounds on a consistent basis and in a more realistic ratio.  

Let’s work together to work towards promoting this necessary change in the wedding industry! 

  • Please remember to educate, not shame.
  • Demonstrate peace and lead by example.
  • Join me in taking a stand. Every voice matters.