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Wedding Trends for 2022 and How Wedding Venues Should Capitalise on Them

There are two main drivers influencing wedding trends for 2022, which wedding venues, looking to capitalise on the latest themes for their website & social media imagery, need to keep in mind…  With an ever-emerging appetite to be more sustainable and eco-friendly in our choices across all areas of our lives, its no surprise that weddings have followed suit.

Similarly, the effects on a world still reverberating from the effects of covid, were certain to influence so many of our decisions and plans.  And wedding plans and styles are no different.

That said, there’s always a place for opulence and romance when it comes to wedding style and we’re going to see some of that too!

Whilst my predictions are absolutely not designed to form the basis of any redesign or decorating works, it does offer suggestions as to how to use emerging trends and styles to your wedding venue’s advantage, plus it identifies those areas worth focusing upon, when promoting your venue on your website and social media channels, to appeal to today’s couple.

So read on, for my top wedding trend predictions for 2022.

Destination wedding Zoe Binning | How Wedding Venues Can Capitalise on 2022's Wedding Trends
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Anni-Ceptions & Sequel Weddings

With an increase in minimonies (small wedding ceremonies which became commonplace during covid restrictions), couples have increasingly taken the decision to hold a larger wedding reception ideally on their first wedding anniversary.
(Also described as sequel weddings, which saw a 9,900% uplift in Google searches this year. )

Increasingly in these instances, couples are opting for a Destination Elopement to at least ensure they are guaranteed some sun! This does create two possible bites at the cherry for larger venues – 1) offering a discounted rate for the anni-ception parties to those couples who have already celebrated their minimony at your venue and 2) promoting anni-ception parties to couples who are now saving up to throw a huge celebratory bash for all of their family and friends back in the UK, after already enjoying their intimate ceremony and honeymoon with their closest circle abroad!

Vegan Catering

With an increase in more eco-friendly and sustainable choices being made to reduce our carbon footprint and to be more kind to the natural world around us; an increasing number of couples are turning to vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as making more careful choices as to other ingredients in their diets (i.e. gluten free), which they in turn want to share with their guests at their weddings to promote their own personal values with their spending power.
In addition, those couples who still eat meat are opting for more local and season produce as well as bespoke menus to reflect them and their local area.

Venues that are still failing to offer an excellent alternative to the standard meat & two veg style menus are really missing a trick here.  Its time to see who’s on your doorstep and which local suppliers you could be working with, to provide something imaginative and local that makes you stand out amongst your competition.

For those who don’t provide an in-house catering solution – who are the really excellent local external caterers you could be working with? Now is the time to reconsider your preferred suppliers and identify who truly represents the values you wish to promote.

Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar Vegan Afternoon tea | How Wedding Venues Can Capitalise on 2022's Wedding Trends Zoe Binning
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Sober Curious Weddings

After lockdown, followed by lockdown and weddings being postponed again and again by government restrictions, couples who were forced to repeatedly put back their wedding dates started to re-evaluate and in many instances, moved forward with starting a family. As a result, there has been an increase in pregnant brides, bridesmaids and female guests at weddings (Hitched has identified an 80% increase in searches for ‘Maternity Wedding Dresses’), thus requiring more focus upon an appealing alternative to the standard bubbly and wine served at a wedding!

The introduction of excellent quality non-alcoholic gins and similar spirits to market, have given rise to a range of premium mocktails and other alcohol-free offerings, giving venues and caterers the opportunity to upgrade and upsell their non-alcoholic drinks packages to take advantage of this.  Alcohol-free doesn’t need to mean quality or taste-free!  Wedding clients and their guests still want to enjoy every element of the experience!

Backyard Weddings

Whilst backyard marquee style weddings aren’t synonymous with all wedding venues out there, many could take more advantage of their grounds and lawns to promote inside-out weddings.

Couples are still in many cases trying to embrace open-air celebrations, flowing between the indoors and outdoors, so consider whether you venue has the ability to throw open the doors and create a more ‘garden wedding’ type experience, maybe even opting for an outside dance-floor (weather and neighbours permitting!).

If this isn’t an option for your venue, it’s still definitely possible to promote the feeling of being outdoors, within.  Share images of your ceremony and reception rooms with windows and doors opened wide, with a backdrop of trees, florals and foliage.  When you offer show-rounds, consider foliage displays within and never forget that scent is key! Jasmine or orange blossom scented candles and reed diffusers or scented foliage all evoke the senses and create a fabulous and natural extra dimension when selling your venue.

Colours and Palettes

The key trend for 2022 when it comes to colour schemes and wedding dress themes, is undoubtedly Regency blue – think Bridgerton – featuring gorgeous country house wedding venues, elegant décor, flowing floral displays, fabulous lofty wedding cakes, not to mention puff sleeves and corset bodices.

If you are lucky enough to have a Regency style venue, then go capitalise.  Otherwise, pick elements that work for your location and promote those with all of the relevant keywords included in your website copy or hashtags.

Bridgerton aside – the key trends in colour palettes are more natural and earthy in keeping with the outdoors and a more eco-friendly focus.  Terracotta, neutral colour-scapes, potted plants as centrepieces (and then given away as gifts to guests) and dried flowers and foliage.
When decorating a venue, neutral, gentle tones always work well as this enables couples to put their own stamp on their celebrations and for 2022, that is pops of their favourite brighter colours which will really stand out against the muted, natural backdrop.

Rented Bridal Wear

Hiring grooms-wear and décor for weddings is not a new concept, but 2022 sees the rapid rise in renting a wedding dress!

When Carrie Symonds married Boris Johnson in a rented Christos Costarellos ivory tulle and silk gown, hired for £45, she saved more than £2,800 off the price of a new one!

And with the global online clothing rental market expected to grow by nearly £700 million (source PR Newswire) over the next four years, we’d expect to see considerably more budget-conscious couples saving on the purchases the high budget items like the dress, to enable them to invest more of their budget on the elements that really complete their day and create an incredible experience for themselves and their guests – namely a venue that promises an exemplary level of service, incredible food and awesome entertainment.

Bridgerton themed wedding inspiration courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes | How Wedding Venues Can Capitalise on 2022's Wedding Trends Zoe Binning
Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Entertainment

Gone are the days when a cheesy DJ and a scratched and dated light-up dancefloor fits the bill.  In 2022, if couples are going to go big, they’re going to go better – think fire performers, circus acts and drag queen shows and of course outdoor dancing, fire pits and twinkly fairy lights!

So, who have you got on your books to recommend to couples? Which suppliers can you offer them to really add that extra level of polish to their day and give them the confidence that you’re seeing their version of the bigger picture and are ready to accommodate it?

Time to revisit the recommended supplier list and really wow your prospective clients with some truly exceptional ideas!

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