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Zoë Binning is a go-to expert on the Welsh wedding industry, having worked as both a wedding planner and now a wedding venue business manager for leading establishments.

Born in Cardiff, Zoë understands the mind-set of Welsh couples and can translate this into a package of white label services that put wedding venues ahead of their competitors.

Having organised more than 200 wedding since she started her business, Zoë blends her background in commercial retail design, project management and wedding planning to give venues a competitive advantage in the Welsh wedding market.

There is nothing better for me than seeing a wedding venue, whether small or large, new or well-established, discover new heights of business success. My team of highly professional and experienced wedding planners can provide you with a complete venue management service, or freelance wedding coordination service, to suit your unique needs.

Zoë Binning
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Wales’ Wedding Venue Expert

Zoë is a familiar face in the Welsh wedding industry and shares her expert commentary with BBC Radio Wales, BBC Television and ITV Wales, among others.

As well as hosting her own successful wedding planning podcast, Zoë is passionate about LGBTQ+ representation in the wedding industry and promoting a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future for the wedding sector as a whole.

Zoë is a champion of Welsh castle venues and the many historic locations that makes Wales’ wedding landscape so special. She is regularly invited to consult with established companies and emerging venues and can offer keynote speeches, expert commentary and opinion pieces for print and online.

If Zoë didn’t have a small family at home, you would most likely find her travelling the world, building schools or saving turtles from plastic pollution. Until her own children grow up and carve their own paths, Zoë is committed to making a difference, both locally and on a global scale.

Zoë works with B1G1 to transform her business' successes and milestones into positive contributions to good causes across the globe. She would love to inspire other small business owners reading this to pledge their commitment to creating small but positive impacts across the world, simply by going about their daily business lives. Here are some of the locations that Zoë virtually visits, with her giving impacts:

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